Category: Social


Summer Barbecue

The Summer barbecue will be held on the 10th of June from 17.00 onwards. Food at 18.00. This is to coincide with the last day of the training course and is an opportunity to congratulate the...


Quiz Evening

As the 3rd Friday in November happens to be taken up with the LUS, (Laying Up Supper, see above), the November bar event is on the 4th Friday. A bit of a break from...


Cheese and Wine evening

We are having a cheese and wine evening on Friday 16th September. £7.50 on the door. hopefully there will be a nice strong Brie(ze)


Sea Week

This years sea week runs from Monday 25th to Saturday 30th July 2016 Sea Week is the chance to hang out at the sailing club, to sail, swim, chat, eat, sail some more,race a...