Patrol Boat Helm & Crew Duties

Patrol Boat Helm & Crew Duties

Preferred arrival time 09:15 hrs

Ideally the Patrol Boats (Burton, Rover & Newman) should be used in rotation. Please therefore endeavour to use the boat labelled No.1. At the end of the day please advance the boat Nos. by one position such that boat No.2 now becomes No.1, etc.

Get the Patrol Boat on the promenade, run the engine, and check that the boat has a radio, handheld radio as back up, compass, first aid kit and a survival blanket. The boat should also be equipped with spare kill cord, 2 flares, knife, pliers (capable of cutting steel shroud), an anchor and warp, a small buoy, 2 paddles and fire extinguisher.

Check that there is a full tank of fuel.

Check carefully that the Kill cord and switch are working correctly and make sure you use this when helming the Patrol Boat.

Load the required number of buoys, complete with anchors and weights for the course to be set.

Please note that Helm & Crew should be aware of H.B.C. 8 Knot marker buoys and to act accordingly.

At the end of the day, ensure the Patrol Boat is washed, the engine run in clean water, and all equipment put away in its correct place. Check battery isolator and radio is switched off. If any gear is damaged or broken please inform the Coxswain.