Use Of Club Boats


 CLUB BOATS    Terms and Conditions of Use

Apart from official training sessions all use of Club boats must be authorised by the Officer of the Day.

The hiring form MUST be completed and signed by user and person authorising. By signing the hiring form you agree to abide by the Club Boats Terms and Conditions of Use.

It is a condition of the club’s insurance that club boats may only be used when there is a patrol boat on the water.

It is the responsibility of the hirer to fill in the boat hire form and have the correct money available. On race days boats are only available before 10.30 am for morning races or 13.00 pm for afternoon racing.

Users must complete the Signing on Form for all use.

Boat hire will only be authorised once consideration has been given to weather conditions, sea state and the sailing ability of the hirer. The OOD or Race Officer may refuse permission for the club boat to be launched, or may require it to come off the water at any time, for example if in his/her opinion weather or sea conditions warrant this. A full or partial refund of the hire fee may be given in these circumstances.

Before use Hirer to inspect boat when rigging and report any defects on fault report form and to Steve Clark or Officer of the Day.

Following use the hirer will report any faults/damage on the report form in folder and to Steve Clark or Officer of the Day

By signing the hiring form the user agrees to provide reimbursement of the club insurance excess (currently £50) arrange repair and complete insurance details should any major damage be caused.

At the end of hire period, boat must be washed and stored away correctly.

The Executive Committee reserve the right to decline hire of club boats to anyone with a bad record of care.

Revised August 2017