June Newsletter

Commodore’s Greeting

Hello Everyone, 

The sail training is done, the youth sailing is under way, and the early summer series concluded last Sunday.  The weather continues to disrupt or delight, and I hope that the latter applies this weekend, when the biggest sailing event of the year takes place at Pevensey Bay Sailing Club on Sunday.  If you cannot get your boat over to race in the Federation Cup, you could still go over and show your support for the club.  11am start.  I look forward to seeing you there.

The following weekend (Saturday 24th / Sunday 25th June), we are hosting the Shearwater and Dart Open Meeting, which needs anyone who is not sailing to help out and make the event a success.  Contact Philip Blurton – see below.

Regards to everyone,

Don Bowles, Commodore, Hastings and St Leonards Sailing Club  

Any queries on Sailing Club matters?   Commodore’s Hotline 01424 214759 

Achieving Glory – congratulations to…

Early Summer Series:

Laser Fleet – Hugh Ashford

Catamaran Fleet – Lily Share and Matt Wiseman (Dart 16)

General Handicap – Philip Blurton and Morgan Jeffries (Tasar)

RNLI Handicap:  Melanie Clarke (Laser)

Sailing Away / Achieving Glory

Hastings & St Leonards Shearwater sailors put in an excellent performance at the second Shearwater event of the season.  The event was hosted by Minnis Bay Sailing Club, near Margate in Kent.  Placings for our sailors were: 

First – Greg Wilcox and William Stuart

Third – Matt Wiseman and Lily Share

Fifth – Alex Wilcox and Catherine Tulley

Tenth – Tayla Playford and Robert Hamilton.

Fab, well done all!  There will be a chance for us all to marvel agog at the majestic Shearwaters in just over a week at our own Shearwater and Dart open, see below.  But before that…

Third Friday of the Month bar open – this Friday 16th June from 7.30pm

Come down and discuss tactics for the…

Federation Cup – Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th June  

This coming weekend 17th & 18th June is the Federation Cup.  This event brings together the Sussex Coast Sailing Clubs to compete against each other.  There will be no racing at our club on the 18th June, to allow our sailors to compete in the main events of the Federation Cup which take place on the Sunday. Further details attached.  Even if you are not intending to take part, please come across to Pevensey to support our sailors and the event.

Shearwater and Dart Open Saturday 24th/Sunday 25th June  

Hastings and St Leonards SC is back on the Shearwater calendar this year.  The only boats racing at the club that weekend will be the catamarans.  Dutyman lists those people allocated to key support duties but we could still do with a couple of registration volunteers and as much help on the beach as possible.  There will be a social event on the Saturday evening at the club house so please come down, show some support for our sailors and join in the Saturday evening social.  Attached to this newsletter is the Notice of Race which has full details of what is happening.  if you could help with registration on the Saturday please contact Sailing Secretary, Philip Blurton,(blurton@madasafish.com)

Nautilus Handicap – Sunday 2nd July  

The Nautilus Handicap competition will be held on Sunday 2nd July.  This is a three race handicap competition which this year is being held for two handed boats.  Apologies to single-hander sailors, who by this time may be having withdrawal symptoms, if they did not make it to the Federation Cup.  However, it is the perfect opportunity to bring out the two handed club boats and have a fleet of two handers swarming over the course.  Start pairing up now and planning what you would like to sail, maybe experienced sailors with inexperienced crews?  Or not, as you please.  The event includes catamarans, more of which than usual have been sailing this season.  Can we get them all out on the water, Darts, Shearwaters, Merlins, Miracles, Magnos, Visions, Tasars, Hobies and Topazzez at the same time for this event?  It would be great if we could.

Saturday Afternoon Improvers Link Series – (S.A.I.L. Series) – Saturday Afternoons in July

For the third year running the club is holding a light hearted introductory racing series on Saturday afternoons.  There will be three short races every Saturday afternoon in July starting on Saturday 1st July.  Details of how the series works will be emailed nearer the start date and will be on the club noticeboard.  The series is aimed at newer sailors wanting to learn about racing, but anyone in the club can take part.  Handicaps are set to favour the inexperienced. 

Sail Training completed

Well done to all our sail trainees.  Those who reached RYA Level 2 standard, we are looking forward to seeing you taking boats out whenever possible and improving your skills.  Here’s hoping that the remaining few can just finish off with a bit of help from their friends over the next few weeks.  A huge vote of thanks to all the instructors and others who put in so much effort to make the sail training happen. 

A summer BBQ to welcome the trainees was organised by Rear Commodore Bob Lloyd and held last Saturday; it was a lovely evening.  Thanks to all involved.

Yout (sic) sailing

Don’t forget the youth sailing scheme, on Tuesdays and Saturday mornings.  (Please note that some of the Saturdays have been left off our printed sailing programmes by mistake.)  Volunteers always required – please come out of that moulded plastic (more up to date than woodwork).  For more info, contact Hugh Ashford hajoinery@gmail.com or Matt Wiseman matthewjwiseman@gmail.com, or just turn up.  

Sea Week – 31st July to 5th August

31st July to 5th August.  Sailing every day, weather permitting.  Fun regatta and BBQ on Saturday 5th August to round things off.  What’s not to like?

Sailing Support Activities – Time to check your diaries again and let the sailing sec know of any dates you can’t do (and other catchy headlines)

The duty rota for the second half of the season, i.e. from August to the middle of December will be published in Dutyman in mid July.  If you know that there are dates when you will be away or otherwise unavailable, dates you would prefer or any other information that would help in programming duties and minimising cancellations, then please email Sailing Secretary Philip Blurton before Friday 7th July on blurton@madasafish.com.  Duties are scheduled for Wednesday evenings, Saturday afternoons, Sundays and open meetings. 

Life of Pi

Enormous thanks to the Hastings Lions who paid for half of our newest Pico, yet again contributing to the safety of the club’s fleet and with special reference to our Yout.  This is the third year that we have had a generous contribution from the Lions, and it has given an enormous boost to our programme of rolling updates to the boat stock.  Thank you! 

Nag nag nag  ?

Please remember that club boats cannot be used unless there is a club safety boat on the water. Fanks.

Boathouse fees.  The funny thing about fees is that they need to be paid.  Boathouse fees are an integral part of our fees because we have to pay rent for the boathouse.  So it has been Decreed in the Executive Committee meeting that the rules will be adhered to with a greater zeal from next year.  If you have a boat in the boathouse, you will be expected to pay the boathouse fees.  If you are selling said boat, you will pay the boathouse fees.  If you have only just bought the boat, you will pay the fees.  If you never sail the boat, you will pay the fees.  Be ready.  Start saving now.  NB we are still nice people and love you all.  

Has anyone seen Eunice Pugh’s divination stick?  Our esteemed Hon. Treasurer is at present unable to guess the provenance of all of the till slips.  Until such time as her magical powers are restored, it would be most helpful if, when paying by credit card, people could identify their till slips with their name and what they’ve paid for, before slipping them into the safe box beside the till.  Thank you!

That’s all for now, Hope to see you soon,

Margaret Blurton, Honorary Secretary  sailingclubsec@gmail.com   01424 440056

Twitter account @hslsail run by Nik Roberts. If you’d like to join the club’s FB group, message the FB page.