July Newsletter

Commodore’s Greeting

Hello Everyone, 

Obviously, it is sad when a long term friend passes away, and it was with a heavy heart that we attended Rex Patching’s funeral on 14th July.  I had many a battle with him on the water in our Lasers, where he won the overall trophy in 1988, 93, 96 and 2000.

On a brighter note, I think the visiting Shearwater sailors enjoyed their weekend, although the weather did misbehave.  Sailing was not possible on the Saturday, and on Sunday, several visitors decided not to risk going afloat in the heavy weather that prevailed.  Seven Shearwaters enjoyed the challenge, and had an exhilarating race, with Greg Wilcox showing everyone how to do it.

Lastly, I would like to express our thanks to Martin Watson’s family, who have decided to donate his Laser to the club.  We are very grateful for this generosity.

The next event of note is Sea Week, with activity every day, whatever the weather – hope to see you there.


Don Bowles, Commodore, Hastings and St Leonards Sailing Club  

Any queries on Sailing Club matters?   Commodore’s Hotline 01424 214759 

Achieving Glory –  congratulations to…

Nautilus Handicap:  Philip and Margaret Blurton (Tasar)

Sailing Away / Achieving Glory

The Shearwater Fleet is making the club proud this year.  After an absence of two years, the Shearwater Traveller TT returned to Hastings for the weekend of 24/25 June.  The event was won by our very own Greg Wilcox sailing with William Stuart.  And last weekend (15/16 July) our very own Matthew Wiseman and Lily Share won the Shearwater Traveller TT event at Pagham Sailing Club.  Fantastic!

Derek Treacher and Melanie Clark boarded yachts to compete in the “Round the Island” race at the beginning of July.  According to Melanie it was “great fun: up at 4.00 am for 6.30 start and 69th out of 143 in our class and 259 overall.”  Not sure of Derek’s result.  Speak to Derek or Melanie if you want to find out more about crewing on yachts and racing round islands.  Sounds like an excellent choice for those who feel that our 11am starts are far too late…

A couple of Saturdays ago, Melanie also led a small band of Laser sailors to the old town for breakfast at the Hastings Motor Boat and Yacht Club.  Full fat breakfasts were enjoyed by all before sailing more slowly back.  Melanie is currently fostering stronger links with the Motor Boat and Yacht Club; a number of our members belong to both clubs already.  Keen or what!

Third Friday of the Month bar open – this Friday 21st July from 7.30pm

It is almost upon us, the chance to watch the moon come up over the sea, and if your imagination is half decent you can see yourself at the side of the Med.  Sigh.

Also pls note that next month’s Friday bar open18th August will include a training presentation at 8pm by Simon Terry on the subject of course laying – taking all factors into account including marauding other sea users – see nag below.  Drink beer and learn.

Sea Week – 31st July to 5th August

Weather permitting, the club will be open for sailing everyday of the week beginning Monday 31st July.  A power boat will be on the water from about 10.30 and there will be the Tiddler’s Nip competition for youth/beginner sailors in the afternoon.  We hope to have a sailaway either up or down the coast on the Wednesday and a fun regatta followed by BBQ on Saturday 5th to round things off.  Come on down, muck in, sail about, have a beer/Fanta etc.  More details to follow closer to the week.  Friends welcome (no, really).

Sailing Support Activities – Allocated

Sailing support activities (duties) have been allocated for the second half of the season.  Thank you if you did let our Sailing Secretary, Philip Blurton, know your availability in advance, as this aided programming and should reduce the need for swapping later, which latter can be a headache.  Please check your allocation through Dutyman and confirm in the system that you can make your dates.  If the date is a problem, please find a swap as soon as possible.  Fank you, fank you.  

Martin’s laser

After Martin Watson sadly passed away, his family very kindly donated his blue-coloured laser to the club.  It has entered the fold and is available for club members’ use, subject to the usual provisions of the rules.   See the next item.

Club Lasers – use and care of  

We are lucky to have a couple of lasers belonging to the club, and Melanie Clark, Derek Treacher and Mat Windley have been spending a bit of time sorting them out.  Masts and boats have been numbered and marked, and it would be lovely to have all club boat users respecting this effort to keep the gear ship-shape.  Please make sure that everything is put back in perfect order, and take no less care of a club boat than you would if it were your own.  

Also – not just lasers – all club boats – remember to sign the boats out, and pay for their use if you are supposed to (ie boats are free for the year in which you train and the following year).

Laser Open – Saturday 26th August

Attention all Laser sailors.  Our Laser Open is on Saturday 26th August.  Club Lasers available for free use.  The top sailors in the event will be fast but this is an event for all Laser sailors to join in, novices included.  Start polishing your Laser bottoms. 

Facebook and why to use it

The club has two Facebook pages: the public one and the private members’ page.  The latter is open for all members to use, and could be an excellent go-to forum for matching up crews/helms, interesting videos, youth sailing on/cancelled etc etc.  If you think you might use it, message the FB page and the door will be unlocked!  

Nag nag nag  

Please, race officers, avoid setting courses through the swimming area to the right of the club.  We have had a few moans from the Baywatch staff.  It is only really a problem if conditions encourage sailing close into shore through the swimming area.  It may mean setting courses further towards the pier which can be a pain but better that than a bisected swimmer.

When winching, please use a spotter.  We have a duty to protect the unsuspecting public from hurting themselves by standing on a moving rope, and to protect the club from citizens with a weather eye for a good court case.  If you are inside the boathouse, you cannot see who is coming so please don’t start the machinery until you have someone able to tell you if you need to stop.

Now I think you’ll find this an exciting one.  It regards cardboard and the taking away thereof.  The club has no recycling facility, so if you have pizzas or any other cardboard-enclosed item, please take the rubbish away.  The club pays through the nose for rubbish collection of the white bin bags, so if it falls to your lot to empty a bin, please cram the black bags into the white as tightly as possible, and put the full white bags outside at the bottom of the steps.  Following these easy steps will give you a saintly inner glow, which will undoubtedly make your boat go faster.

That’s all for now, Hope to see you soon,

Margaret Blurton, Honorary Secretary  sailingclubsec@gmail.com   01424 440056

Twitter account @hslsail run by Nik Roberts. If you’d like to join the club’s FB group, message the FB page.