Club House Hire

Our beautiful clubhouse is available for hire. Famous for its boat-shaped bar it has a kitchen, PA, disco lights and, a verandah that looks straight out onto the beach.
The clubhouse will not be available any day on which racing takes place.
2. The applicant/user be a fully paid-up member.
3. The application form is to be submitted 6 weeks prior to the event to the executive committee for approval.
4. The applicant
must negotiate with a key holder to be present throughout the event.
5. The applicant is
responsible for finding a member(s) to man the bar for the event. The Wine Steward also must approve this person(s).
6. All alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are to be purchased from the bar.
7. A maximum of 130 people may attend.
8. It is to be appreciated that the clubhouse will be open to all members.
9. The clubhouse must be tidied after the event. No posters, bunting or banners are to be pinned or fixed to clubhouse, unless using non-marking adhesive.
10. Under the terms of our licence we require a list of all non-members names and their addresses, which are to be displayed in the clubhouse 48 hours before the event. The Executive Committee will make those named Temporary Members for the day. This list is to be given to the Secretary at least 1 week prior to the event. Should any other non-members enter the clubhouse at the time of the event, they must be entered in the Guest Book according to Club Rules.
11. Extensions beyond midnight cannot be considered.
12. It is imperative that under-age drinking is prevented. Members bringing guests who may be suspected of being under the age of 18 years should be aware that evidence of date of birth may be requested by the Wine Steward or Committee member present.
13. Members should be aware that consuming alcohol on club premises beyond the permitted hours is an offence. This includes purchasing more than can be consumed before the bar must close, paying for alcohol at a later date when it is intended it will be consumed after permitted hours, and bringing in alcohol from another source to be consumed after permitted hours. Allowing alcohol to be consumed in any of the above cases is an offence by the Club and could result in the loss of our Registration to sell alcohol.
14. The rear Fire Door must be kept unlocked while Clubhouse is in use. The roped bolt may be used.

The Sailing club is available for hire by members, the cost of hiring is £75.00.

If you wish to hire the club please complete the form below by clicking here.

Please read the terms and conditions on hiring the club which can be found on the form or below:

Live Music:
Fri to Sat 9:00 to 00:00
New Years Eve 19:00 to 01:00
Recorded Music:
Mon to Thur 10:00 to 23:00
Fri to Sat 10:00 to 00:00
Sunday 10:00 to 22:30
New Years Eve 19:00 to 01:00
Supply of Alcohol:
Mon to Thur 10:00 to 23:00
Fri to Sat 10:00 to 00:00
Sunday 10:00 to 22:30
New Years Eve 19:00 to 01:00