At Hastings we currently have fleets of the following classes, however all classes are accepted as outlined in the Club rules. Currently our largest racing fleets are the Laser and Dart 16, closely followed by developing Merlin Rocket, Tasar and Miracle fleets.
The Dart 16 is a modern beach catamaran that is fast, affordable, and seaworthy. Popular with kids, youth and adults, the cat’s simple yet sturdy construction provides stable, forgiving fun.
Dart 16 website.
Shearwater is a racing catamaran that has been refined and developed over a period of years to give a lightweight, strong, high performance catamaran.
Shearwater Catamaran Association website
The Topper dinghy is the kind of boat for messing about in boats, having fun off a beach, learning to sail, flat out blasting or competitive racing. It is suitable for youth, adults, new sailors and families.
National Topper Association.
Laser is the one of the world’s most popular adult and youth single-handed racing dinghy. The biggest attraction of the Laser dinghy is that is protected by the One Design class rules.
National Laser Association

The Miracle is a family friendly dinghy, that is a stable, training or racing dinghy.
Miracle Association.

Tasar. An Australian designed lightweight two man dinghy.
National Tasar Association