Use Of Club Boats


CLUB BOATS Terms and Conditions of Use

Authorised by either the Officer of the Day, a Dinghy Instructor or Club Committee Member.

The hiring form MUST be completed and signed by Hirer and person authorising. By signing the hiring form you agree to abide by the Club Boats Terms and Conditions of Use

It is a condition of the club’s insurance that club boats may only be used when there is a patrol boat on the water.

It is the responsibility of the Hirer to fill in the boat hire form and have the correct money available. On race days boats are only available before 10.00 am for morning session/day or at 13.00 pm for afternoon.

Users must complete the Signing on Form for each day of use.

Boat hire will only be authorised once consideration has been given to weather conditions and sea state. Unless used for training purposes all club boats will come off the water at wind strength force 4 or unsuitable sea state.

Before use Hirer to inspect boat when rigging and note any defects on the fault board in the boat house and to the Officer of the Day.

By signing the hiring form the Hirer agrees to provide reimbursement of the club insurance excess (£50)and arrange repair. In the event of any damage to boat Hirer should notify Boatswain- Dave Gordon 07711 167340 or Hugh Ashford 07801 082214 as soon as practical.

All damage to a club boat should be written on the faults board in the boat house At the end of hire period, the boat must be washed and stored away correctly. The Executive Committee reserve the right to decline hire of club boats to anyone with an unsuitable record of care.

April 2020